At Syncordis, we are committed to providing a professional environment for our employees that reflects our values: equality, diversity, and inclusion

But our commitment goes beyond. We honor our corporate social responsibility and strive to encourage social and societal change as well as providing value by giving back regularly.

The portfolio of initiatives we support includes a variety of topics and locations. Here are a few examples that are dear to our heart.

Solidarity for Ukrainian Refugees

On March 1st, 2022, the CEO of Syncordis, Guillaume Desjonqueres, announced to help Ukrainian refugees by collecting donations in the office.

For all the Syncordians it’s the beginning of a new charity project.
Discover more details about our Charity Story hereafter:

Syncordis - Solidarity for Ukrainian Refugees
March 1st, 2022

Our action to support Ukraine started at the office. Announcement of our CEO, Guillaume Desjonqueres, to support Marcela Florianova to help Ukrainian refugees.

Syncordis - Solidarity for Ukrainian Refugees
March 5th, 2022

Packing of more than 500 boxes! In 4 days, we received 5 tons of donations (food, shoes, clothes..) in the office from our employees and external donors.

Syncordis - Solidarity for Ukrainian Refugees
March 11th, 2022

Successful 1st delivery! Our “customers” (refugees) at the Ukrainian border were served on March 18.
2 other vans delivered more than half of our boxes in Slovakia, in Michalovce, near the Ukrainian border.

Syncordis - Solidarity for Ukrainian Refugees
End of March, 2022

The 3rd and last van left Luxembourg with our last boxes to Slovakia. All our boxes were successfully delivered to people in need.

Our Charity Success Story in a few Key Steps

Idea makers
Project launched by Guillaume Desjonqueres and Marcela Florianova

Collect donations
In the first days, we decided to cover the basic needs meaning food & baby nutrition, emergency blankets (winter season), hygiene and clothes/shoes

To make it easier for the delivery/distribution/donation, all the boxes were perfectly packed, weight, and labelled according to the Red Cross’s standards

We had to prioritize the boxes so first of all, we sent the baby food and warm clothes

Storage at the Slovakian border
We delivered all our boxes to our storage near the Ukrainian border (in one place) so we can easily distribute

Distribution to donate to our “customers”
With the support of local charity organizations, we delivered our boxes where they are needed the most

Keeping in touch with the local organizations, volunteers and the “customers” (refugees)

Special Thanks To Our Humanitarian Partners

Collecting donations
Syncordians and external volunteers from across the country (Luxembourg)

Syncordians and external volunteers

Intralux, Meditec, Kubala

Storage at the Slovakian border
D&M Building Corporation in Michalovce

Distribution to donate to our “customers”
International Rescue System, Villa Szobranc (NGO)

An inspiring project for all
The Syncordis Family is proud to be part of this project, it went beyond our own expectations!


Syncordis Luxembourg has been a partner of 2care2share since 2018.

2care2share and Syncordis partnership has been established due to the long-term personal and professional relationships between Guillaume Desjonqueres and Jean-Philippe Bailly having similar wishes and values to contribute to make it a better world.

The goal of 2care2share is to raise funds for operating an orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania, and ensuring high-quality education for the orphans. We regularly combine supporting 2care2share and keeping Syncordians active by participating in local marathons, like ING Marathon Luxembourg and donating for each participant.

Other Charities that We Support