Simplify COB Processes

Syncordis Studio

At the end of every business day, the Close of Business process (COB) ensures the closure of the day and the opening of the following day. The Syncordis Studio totally automates the entire process of the COB process.

Besides the regular T24 COB processes, this product also includes more steps such as the automation of the backups, the management of a messaging system alerting issues or confirming the successful termination. Also pre and post customised processes can be included.

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Easy Reconciliation

Automatic Migration Reconciliation Tool

The quality of the migrated data is key for the success of the go live of every project. The Syncordis Automatic Migration Reconciliation Tool aims at automatically reconciling the original data with the migrated data and highlights the differences/inconsistencies. Resulting from that, all identified gaps can be explained and corrected before the start of day 1.

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Testing FTP Flows

Market Response Simulator

A Banking implementation project always includes processes dependent on external actions/files. The Syncordis Market Response Simulator tool allows integration testing of the T24 Straight Through Processing (STP) flows which are dependent on market responses normally received either by Swift or by Fix messages. With this tool, the full T24 order management flows, the STP corporate actions flows and the STP payments flows can be tested.

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