Syncordis only implements Temenos core banking solution. And we have been doing it for more than 18 years. This makes us true experts with deep understanding how to automate banking products and processes efficiently. We place value creation for our client at the core of what we do. We are setting new benchmarks for delivery.


Syncordis offer to its clients a unique range of implementation and production support services, including customised services. And we do it in a highly flexible way to meet client constraints. Transformation projects lead by us can be delivered highly cost-effectively with our unique rapid implementation approach built on the Temenos Model Bank.


We pride ourselves on doing things faster than anybody else. Success calls for success. As we lead the implementation of the vast majority of the transformation projects in our territory, our team accumulate experience and our implementation model gets richer project after project.

Adopt for growth

We strongly believe in the importance of customer value creation to achieve growth and the best client outcomes. We tell the banks what to do and how to do it to adopt their new core banking solution while meeting their challenges, constraints and specificities. Ratio maintenance cost / evolution becomes much better, freeing financial capacity for innovation and new projects.

Unrivalled customer success

With our customer focus model, Syncordis enjoy an unmatched success in terms of client satisfaction, successful projects and projects delivered on time and on budget. This reputation is the cornerstone of Syncordis success and fast growth. Syncordis clients focus on their banking business rather than on technology. They enjoyed quicker return on their investment and embrace the digitalisation to offer relevant client experience and improve their customer retention by adapting to the rapid change in their customer’s preferences.